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V-Ceptor's V-Drone

V-Shield units are available as man-portable handheld or ruggedised in a IP66 pelican case or have pole mountings options.

V-Ceptor's V-Drone

The V-Shield solution will create an electronic ‘no fly zone’ across for example airports and can be left on or remotely triggered once drones are detected.

V-Ceptor's V-Drone

The mini-dome provides a shield in excess of 2km in diameter. Countermeasure algorithms deny the pilot control, video and telemetry downlinks.


Powerful Optic Based UAV Detection

Sky Patriot helps your organisation to detect, classify and track drones. Ultra high definition optic sensors constantly monitor pre-defined airspace whilst our powerful video analytics engine tracks, detects and classifies potential drone threats.

Multiple drones are simultaneously detected regardless of trajectory or background noise. The operator is continuously updated and alerted to possible drone activity and presented with information about the type of drone and corresponding flight path.


V-Drone is our latest solution in securing land & air perimeters. Our turnkey solution enforces a no fly zone along with FLIR high performance thermal cameras to protect the land perimeter.

  • Thermal Detection up to 800 meters
  • Davantis analytics
  • Repulse counter drone solution
  • Back up battery up to 50 hours
  • 3G/4G connectivity
  • Remote viewing through app
  • Optional Hydrogen

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